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18+The Morning After TLE 2016 WEP-DL 720p 80MB HD

The Morning After TLE 2016 Poster

Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: N/A
Genres: Adult
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: Sep 20, 2016
Director: James Cook
Cast: Lotta S
Duration: 16 Minutes
Size: 84MB
We find a stylish apartment in disarray after what appears to have been a wild night. Cherries and red wine are scattered and spilled on the table, and clothing, shoes and underwear are strewn everywhere. We follow the trail to the bedroom, where Lotta, a tall, curvy blonde, is waking up – alone for now. She pulls on snow-white panties and a white shirt – possibly her lover’s – and walks downstairs, gathering the clothes as she goes. As she hangs her mystery man’s jacket on a valet stand, she finds a red cigar tube in the pocket. Sitting on the stairs, she sniffs the cigar and rubs it between her tits, then slips the tube into her underwear. After teasing herself for a short while, she pulls the crotch sideways, then gets naked so she can use the tube as a dildo, moaning rhythmically all the while. As she edges closer to orgasm, she stands, splay-legged, so she can work it hard against her slit from every angle, the camera capturing each spectacular detail. She thrusts and bucks her hips, then sinks back down as she finally cums hard, her hand a blur as she screws herself deep with the tube. As she continues to climax, the butt end – sticking out of her pussy – quivers, and she leaves the tube inside for a little longer. At last, she removes it, replaces the cigar, then slides it back into the jacket pocket with a satisfied smile.


18+The Morning After TLE 2016 WEP-DL 720p 80MB HD

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