Friday , 21 July 2017

18+Second Chance SexArt 2016 WEB-DL720p muxed 110MB HD

[18+] Second Chance SexArt 2016


Movie Info: IMDb
Rating: N/A
Genres: Adult

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date:  Jun 10, 2015

Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Lady Dee & Nick Ross

Duration: 22 Minutes
Size: 113MB


As anyone who has been in a romantic relationship will attest, being in love with someone is wondrous, but it isn’t always easy. When we first meet Nick Ross in Andrej Lupin’s “Second Chance” it quickly becomes clear that he’s experiencing the pain of a lover’s quarrel. Downcast, he enters a flower shop and emerges with a single rose — clearly a token of reconciliation as well as an admission of his responsibility in the argument that has sent him, alone, out into the streets of Prague at night. With rose in hand he wanders, ponders, and takes stock of his life and his relationship.
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